Funeral of William Frederick Howes - Sub. Lieutenant (E) - HMS Jervis Bay


Born -
Approx. 1910.

Died -
Camp Hill Hospital, Halifax, Nova Scotia
27 September, 1940.
Aged 29 years.

Cause of Death -
(a) Acute Infective Endorcarditis due to
(b) Acute Rheumatic Fever.

Address -
47 Lucas Avenue, Upton Park,
London, England, UK.

Date last worked -
July, 1940.

Length of stay -
6 weeks in province
plus 6 weeks in city,town or rural division where death occurred.

Buried -
Camp Hill Cemetery, Halifax, Nova Scotia
Section 'R', Lot 55, Division 2, West Side on September 29th (CWGC date)
30th 1940 (Canadian Listed Date)
There appears to be 2 dates mentioned, though the 29th is probably correct.

Parent -
Gertrude Howes, Romford, Essex, England, UK.

Undertaker -
Nova Scotia Undertaking Co.

The All Saints Cathedral is just off University Avenue on Tower Road (now known as Martello Street.) The funeral cortege headed to Camp Hill Cemetery up Tower Road (Martello Street) where the photographs were taken alongside Victoria Park. ( The power line poles identify this area between Tower Street and South Park Street. The next power lines run along Robie Street, and buildings would therefore be in the background, even back in 1940. )

Then left on to Spring Garden Road, then right onto Carleton Street and through the Carleton Street gates in to Camp Hill Cemetery. Howes grave is just through the cemetery gates and is situated on the right hand side. Military funerals always go left, then right.


Howes funeral
Willie Oag photo of the funeral march. Spring Garden Road, an old Halifax tram route.

Howes funeral

Howes funeral

Howes funeral
Captain Fegen alongside an un-named Commander with officers Morris Reynolds Leddra & Arthur Driscoll behind.

Howes funeral
Morris Reynolds Leddra

Howes funeral
Arthur Robert (Titch) Appleyard with 2 unidentified Canadians. Photo taken on same day as funeral.


Howes funeral

All Saints Cathedral

Howes funeral


Howes grave


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