Arthur Manley - Survivor , SS Trewellard , HX84

SS Trewellard

Completed in 1936 as Trewellard for The Hain Steamship Company Ltd. Part of convoy HX84 from Halifax, Nova Scotia to Liverpool with 7,800 tons of steel and 12 aircraft , she was shelled and sunk by the German raider Admiral Scheer south-east of Greenland (S52°26'N-32°34'W). 16 crew members were lost, while 25 survivors in three boats were picked up by the steamship Gloucester City.

Newspaper Article

Newspaper article celebrating the safe return of survivors. Arthur Manley is in the back, wearing a trilby.


Arthur Manley was a survivor from Trewellard. Crewman Manley was in the British Merchant Navy, and he served as an Able Seaman and a gunner on Trewellard. 16 men were killed, though Manley was one of the 25 men picked up by Gloucester City & taken to Newfoundland.

Arthur Manley was born on 11 March, 1920, and he died in 1992 aged 72 years of age. Arthur was the youngest of 6 x children born to Stephen Manley (born West Derby in 1892) & Lena Maud Manley (nee McDonald) - (born West Derby in 1894) and they married in West Derby, Liverpool, England in 1913. Arthur's siblings were Lena M. Manley (born 1914); Robert C. Manley (born 1915); Florence Manley (born 1916); Stephen Manley (born 1917); Agnes Manley (born 1918.) - all in West Derby, Liverpool.

Arthur joined the Merchant Navy at 15 and left just after the war aged 29 where he returned to Liverpool and worked as a boiler man in the food processing industry until he retired.

Arthur Manley married Irene Moran after WW2 ended, in West Derby, Liverpool in 1947. The couple went on to have 2 x sons - Peter A. Manley (born Liverpool North in 1949), and Roy Manley (born Liverpool South in 1956.)

He died aged 72 after a long battle with cancer, and his ashes were scattered over the Mersey River. During his later years he ran several amateur football teams where his passion for hats and country music earned him the nickname "Tex".

  Arthur Manley
Continuous Certificate of Discharge

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Letter from Hain

Certificate of Proficiency

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