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Trevor Reeve / Hull, England

Trevor Trevor represents the 'HMS Jervis Bay Association', which is basically any relative of a member of the ship's company. Any relative is automatically considered a member of the association. There are no fees involved.

Originally started by Mike Chappell (whose father was Engineering Commander on the ship), Trevor (whose grandfather also perished in the tragedy), tries to find/share information with both the Jervis Bay website and other crew relatives.

Click to read Based in Hull, England, the aim of the association is to keep the history and the memory of the brave ship and her crew alive. Anything that we can be involved in, be it a Memorial Service dedicated to the ship and crew, or simply providing help and information for relatives of those who served on HMS Jervis Bay, we will try to be of assistance.

We are actively involved in trying to trace relatives of those crewmen who are known by name only (i.e.. putting A Face To A Name.) The Jervis Bay website is an ongoing project, and as information comes to light, hopefully the website will grow. Any contributions associated with HMS Jervis Bay and her ship's company are most welcome.


Joe Marriott / Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada

Joe Joe is the site developer. An Instructor of Information Technology with the New Brunswick Community College, he is the son of a retired member of the Canadian Armed Forces. Joe has always had a keen interest in history of all eras.

The Jervis Bay refitted in Saint John during the summer of 1940, and her connection to this community continues to this day. This website was originally developed as a Remembrance Day project for launch November 1997. It has been continually evolving since then.