Casualties in the Jervis Bay, the armed merchant cruiser which in November 1940 saved 32 convoy ships by engaging a powerful German warship for an hour, numbered 198. All but eight of these were killed, presumed killed or died of wounds.

The full casualty list discloses that Acting Capt. Fogarty Fegen, posthumously awarded the V.C. for "Valour in challenging hopeless odds and giving his life to save the many ships it was his duty to protect", is officially listed as "missing, presumed killed."

141 casualties (of 198) identified to date

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Lieut. A.H.W. Bartle, RNR Lieut. Comdr. A.W. Driscoll, RNR Midshipman R.F. Owens,RNR Midshipman W.E. Thistleton Acting Capt. E.S.F. Fegen, V.C., RN (in command). T/Comdr. (E) J.H.G. Chappell, RNR  T/Lieut. W. Hill, RNR Midshipman C.C.T. Latch Lieut. Comdr. K.M. Morrison T/Paymr. Lieut. A.W. Stott, RNR T/Paymr. Lieut. Comdr. E.V. White, RNR Mr. H. Williamson, First Radio Officer T/Lieut. Comdr. G.L. Roe, RNR Lieut. Comdr. G.E.C. Wood RN T/Lieut. Comdr. (E) M.R. Leddra, RNR Mr. J. Stevenson, JuNR Engr. Mr. W. Matheson, Third Elect. Mr. C.E. Jones, Junior Watchkeeping Officer Mr. E.R. Stannard, G.N.R., RN Surgn. Lieut.Comdr. T.G. Evans, RNVR T/Lieut. (E) D.J.H. Bigg, RNR T/Lieut. (E) J.W.P. Barry, RNR Bain J., Smn., RNR Blyth. J.. Ldg. Smn., RFR Evans, J.R., Writer Ferguson, H.F., Ord. Smn., RNVR Greenley, W. Smn., RNR Hudson,J., A.B., RFR McNamara, M., A.B., RFR Morgan, J.A., A.B., RNVR Peters, S., Butcher Rainsbury, T.F, A.B.,RNVR Reeve, J.F., Writer Rooney, T., Fireman Weightman, R.L., 2nd Stwrd. Innes, J.,Smn, RNR Blanchard, J.H.G., Sto. lst Cl., RCNR Danby, W.H., Ord. Siglmn. RCNVR Johnston, A.M., Sto.,RCNR McRae, H.S., E.R.A. 4th Cl., RCNVR MacDonald, A., Sto., 2nd Class.,RCNVR Crane, C.W.R., Carpenters Mate Desborough, A.W., Carpenters Mate Bruce, W.R., Carpenters Mate Porter, W., Carpenters Mate Mardell, W.C., Cooper Young, H.E., Painter Ward Alf Collins, R.G., A.B., RFR Lowe, R.B., Ord. Sigmn., RNVR Baldwin, J.T. A.B. (Pens) Watts,R.F., A.B., RFR Parent, J.P., Fireman Lang, H.S.G., Carpenters Mate Kershaw, J.H,Master at Arms (Pens) Colloff, J.A., Chief Ck. Finch, G., A.B., RFR Avery, W., Ord. Smn. Reid, J., Bosun Major, H.R., A.B., RFR Sheppard, G.K., Ord. Smn. Taylor,H.J., A.B., RCNVR Anderson, J., Smn., RNR Baker, L.,A.B., RNVR Cheesman, S.H., A.B. Farthing, M.F., A.B., RNVR Miles, S.J., A.B., RFR Margetts, W.J., P.O. Curry, R., Ord. Siglmn Staples, F.C.,Carpenters Mate Beal, F.C., S.B. Chief P.O. (Pens.) Waters, W., Assist. Stwrd Read, B.G., A/Ldg. Smn., RFR (Ty.) Davey, B.W., Capt's Stwrd Dunbar, S., Chief Baker Woollett,A.E., 3rd Ck. Heard, H.,Smn., RNR Dennis, P.I., A.B., RFR Matcham,H.T., P.O. (Pens) Spencer, S.A., A.B.,RFR Moore, D., Chief Yeo. of Sigs. (Pens) Parker, C.W., A.B., RNVR Stansbury, C., Ord. Smn Webster, A., Smn., RNR Bremner, W., Smn., RNR Wood, J.H., Ldg. Smn. Eggleston, J.C.. A.B. RFR Taylor, A.W., Ord. Smn. Patience, S.S., Smn., RNR Rockhill, H.A. A.B., RNVR Tilley, L., Ord. Smn Armstrong, J.R., Sto., RCNR Darnbrough, W.L., A.B., RCNVR Bain. D., Smn., RNRMackay, W.A., E.R.A. 4th Cl., RCNVR Price, A.E. E.R.A. 4th Cl. RCNVR Banks, G. 'Dido', A.B., RFR Wood, R.M., Sto., RCNR Day, A.G., Fireman Lee, W.H., Saloon Stwd. Carr, A.J., Assist. Stwrd. O'Kane, J., Greaser Sinton, G., Assist. Stwrd. Searles, J.W., Greaser Cooke, J.H., Pantryman Lloyd, J.P., Donkeyman Toop, W.F., A/Ldg. Smn. Waldron, W.H., Assist. Stwrd Miller, W.B., Smn. RNR Abbott, J.M., Coder, RNVR Boyland, V.D., A.B., RNVR Smith, D.J., A.B.,RNVR Condon, J.H., A.B., RNVR Clark, L.E., Assist. Cook Findlater, T.H., Chief P.O. Boyce, J.H., Pantryman Ross, P.L. Ord. Signlmn., RCNVR Rice, O.G.A., A.B. Robins, W., Assist. Stwrd. Houghton, W.O., A.B., RNVR Wooldridge, G.W., A.B., RFR Mitchell, A.W., Assist. Stwd. Saville, S., Fireman Storey, T.W., A.B.,RFR Hart, R., Fireman Hart, W., Greaser Randall, R.K., Fireman Voaden, F.C,, A.B., RNVR Turnbull F.G., A.B., RNVR Stamp, J.J., Ord. Smn. Bradley, W.L., Carpenter Tolfree,A.E., A.B., RFR Martin, J.W., Plumber Carson, M.W., Ord,. Signlm., R.C.N.V.R.; Bremner, D.R., Smn., RNR Hawn,D.E., A/Ldg. Smn., R.C.N.V.R.; Gospage, D.H. Fireman Alldridge, H., P.O. Owen, S.G., Ships Cook Lattimore, N.W., A.B., RNVR  Mr. E.H. Simmons, Chief Steward Rooney, J.F., Fireman Charlton,J.G., Sign., RNVR T/A/Sub-Lieut. H.M. Pattinson, RNVR Gulless,A., Smn., RNVR

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