Point Pleasant ParkPoint Pleasant Park,
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

The Halifax Memorial (Sailors Memorial) "stands in memory of the men and women of the Navy, Army, and Merchant Navy who lost their lives and have unknown graves."

Panels 6 & 7 Thirteen Canadian names of Jervis Bay crewmen are recorded on Panels 6 and 7...

Blanchard, J.H.G., Sto. lst Cl., R.C.N.R.;
Carson, M.W., Ord,. Signlm., R.C.N.V.R.;
Danby, W.H., Ord. Siglmn. R.C.N.V.R.;
Hawn, D.E., A/Ldg. Smn., R.C.N.V.R.;
Johnson, A.M., Sto., R.C.N.R.;
MacDonald, A., Sto., 2nd Class.,R.C.N.V.R.;
Mackay, W.A., E.R.A. 4th Cl., R.C.N.V.R.;
McRae, H.S., E.R.A. 4th Cl., R.C.N.V.R.;
Moore, H.A., E.R.A. 4th Class. R.C.N.V.R.;
Price, A.E. E.R.A. 4th Cl. R.C.N.V.R.;
Ross, P.L. Ord. Signlmn., R.C.N.V.R.;
Taylor, H.J., A.B., R.C.N.V.R.;
Wood, R.M., Sto., R.C.N.R.

Liverpool Naval Memorial ( Merchant Navy Crew Only ),
Pierhead, Liverpool, UK

Liverpool Merchant Marine Memorial

"These officers and men of the Merchant Navy died while serving with the Royal Navy and have no grave but the sea 1939 - 1945"

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Plaque 1, Officers
Lieutenant Commander George Leslie Roe; Lieutenant Walter Hill; Commander (E) James Harold George Chappell

Plaque 2, Officers
Lieutenant (E) Joseph William Philip Barry; Lieutenant (E) Dudley James Henry Bigg; Lieutenant-Commander (E) Morris Reynolds Leddra; Sub.Lieutenant (E) Robert Lindsey Hall; Lieutenant (E) William Newton


Plaque 3, Officers
Lieutenant (S) Anthony Walmsley Stott; Lieutenant - Commander (S) Ernest Woodeson White

Plaque 4, Officers
Acting Sub. Lieutenant (E) George Durham Green; Acting Sub.Lieutenant (E) Hugh McKenzie Pattinson


Plaque 14, Ratings

Plaque 15, Ratings


Barham W.
Boyce J.H.
Bradley W.L.
Bruce W.R.
Carr A.J.
Clark L.E.
Colloff J.A.
Cooke J.H.
Costello T.
    Served As Sullivan J.
Crane C.W.R.
Crouch R.A.
Davenport H.
Davey B.W.
Day A.G.
Demeza A.F.W.
Desborough A.W.
Dunbar S.
Esmond H.
Evans J.R.
Farmer R.
Galloway F.G.
Gospage D.H.
Griss W.G.
Hart R.
Hart W.
Hennessy M.
Hinstridge H.E.

Howes E.G.
Ireland A.S.
Jones C.E.


Kelly C.
Kilgour R.
Lane J.D.
Lang H.S.C.
Lecomber T.W.
Lee W.H.Lloyd J.
Mabbott L.E.
MacDonald W.
Mardell W.C.
Martin H.F.
Martin J.W.
Matheson W.J.

Miller L.
Milroy G.D.
Mitchell A.W.
O'Kane J.
Ogilvy D.
Owen S.G.
Parent J.L.J.P.
Parker G.
Peskett H.T.
Peters S.A.
Porter W.
Randall R.K.
Reeve J.F.
Reid J.
Robins W.
Rooney J.
Rooney T.
Saville S.
Searles J.
Simmons E.H.
Sinton G.

Staples F.G.
Stevenson J.
Waldron W.
Ward A.H.G.
Warren A.J.
Waters W.
Weightman R.L.
Williamson H.
Woollett A.E.
Young H.E.

Tower Hill Memorial
London, UK

The photos below are from the Tower Hill, London memorial for WW1 and WW2 merchant sailors who are missing presumed killed and whose only grave is the sea. Casulaties are listed by convoy and ship.

Naval personel are not listed nor are merchant seaman buried in known graves.

Info supplied by John Jedrlinic.

The first image is of the original WW1 memorial which faces onto the road which separates the memorial park from the Tower of London. The park in which the memorial is situated lies north of the River Thames and the Tower. The WW1 memorial looks like a Greek temple and like the WW2 memorial has plaques for all the ships lost and their crew members.

Behind the WW1 memorial is the WW2 one. Essentially it is a sunken garden, the walls of which are lined with memorial tablets to all the ships and their crews. What is nice about the memorial is that the office workers come out at lunchtime and sit in the memorial on the benches provided for lunch, to talk or just enjoy the sun. Unlike many war memorials therefore it is part of everyday life.

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The second picture is of the front of the memorial taken from the west side. It consists of a low wall flanked on either side by small cenotaphs in front of each there being the figure of a sailor. The third photo is taken from the east side and you can see the sunken part of the memorial behind.

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The next two show the main sunken garden and wall memorials in more detail. In the middle of the grass lawn is a marble circle containing the outline of a compass.

Photos and Info supplied by Ian Todd.

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Chatham Naval Memorial Portsmouth Naval Memorial,
Hampshire, UK

The naval memorial at Portsmouth includes a single crewman from the Jervis Bay... J.M. Abbott (Coder) (Plaque 44, Column 3)

Abbott J.M.

Chatham Naval Memorial Chatham Naval Memorial,
Kent, UK

The naval memorial at Chatham "commemorates officers, ranks, and ratings of this Port who died at sea during the wars of 1914 to 1918 and 1939 to 1945."

Gate plaque

RN, RNR, and RNVR members of the Jervis Bay can be found inscribed on panels 34 through 41.

[34]   [35]   [36]   [37]   [38]   [39]   [40]   [41]  

October 31, 2013 ... VIP unveiled at Chatham Naval Memorial

CWGC Newsletter, December 2013

On 31 October, Vice Admiral Sir Tim Laurence unveiled a new Visitor Information Panel (VIP) at the Chatham Naval Memorial in Kent.

Among those present at the event was Tom Rainsbury, nephew of Able Seaman Thomas Rainsbury, who is one of over 18,000 men commemorated on the memorial.

“My uncle was an Able Seaman and manned one of the gun crews on the HMS Jervis Bay. He had no naval background – he was an ostler, and loved his horses. According to my Dad, he had never travelled outside of London in his life until he joined up on the outbreak of war,” said Tom.

Able Seaman Rainsbury was serving on board HMS Jervis Bay when the ship was sunk on 5 November 1940. His story – along with that of Captain Edward Fegen VC – is featured in the QR code on the VIP at the Chatham Naval Memorial.

“I was astonished to see my Uncle Tom there on the same page as such illustrious people as Vice Admiral Sir Henry Percy Douglas, Lieutenant John Conrad Cherry and Captain Fogerty Fegan VC, and to have a thumbnail of his history told,” said Tom.

The CWGC’s VIP project combines smartphone technology with traditional interpretative techniques to engage a new generation in the contribution made by servicemen and women in two world wars.

The panels at Chatham are among 500 the Commission is installing worldwide as part of a wider initiative to provide more information to the public during the Centenary of the First World War. More than 100 of the panels are being erected in the UK, to provide information about the many thousands of Commonwealth war dead who are buried or commemorated here.


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Panels 33 through 43Jervis Bay names

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