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Real War, 1957

Sea Breezes, 1968

Sea Breezes

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Weapons and Warfare, 1975

Weapons and Warfare

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Hitler's Navy, 1985

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Model Boats, 1988


War Machine, 1986

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Sea Breezes, 1993

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Britain At War, 2011

IN THE LINE OF FIRE The sacrifice of the armed merchant cruiser HMS Jervis Bay will be forever regarded as a beacon of defiance in the face of adversity. Seventy years ago its captain, Edward Stephen Fogarty Fegen, courageously attacked the pocket-battleship Admiral Scheer in order to protect the ships in the convoy he was escorting. His actions earned a posthumous VC, but, asks Tony Moyle, was Fegen's decision to engage in this unequal fight the result of what happened on the second day of the First World War, some twenty years earlier?

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