Naval Jack

Midshn. W.B. Thistleton Midshn. C.C.T. Latch Midshn. Ronald A.G. Butler Midshn. Owens Wireless Operator Donald Curry Lieut. Commdr. A.W. Driscoll Engineer Commdr. J.H.G. Chappell Capt. E.S. Fogarty Fegen , V.C. Commdr. J.A.P. Blackburn, D.S.C. Lieut. Commdr. K.M. Morrison Paymaster Commdr. E.W. White Paymaster Lieut. J.G. Sargeant Lieut. H.G.B. Moss Lieut.-Commdr. George L. Roe Lieut. Walter Hill Lieut. Norman E. Wood Lieut. A.H.W. Bartle Lieut. Hugh Williamson (chief radio officer) Paymaster Lieut. A.W. Stott Surgeon-Lieut. H.St.J. Hiley Lieut. Richard Shackleton Gunner E.R. Stannard
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This photo was published in the Telegraph-Journal, local Saint John newspaper, in November 1940. The complete accompanying text is also provided below. As well, names in Red denote Killed, while Green denotes Missing, Presumed Killed.

Identity of officers, pictured above, of H.M.S. Jervis Bay, British armed merchant cruiser, sunk in a gallant battle with a German pocket battleship in the North Atlantic on Nov.5, while defending her convoy of 38 ships, was established last night by Paymaster Lieut. J.G. Sargeant and Sub-Lieutenant Guy Byam-Corstiaens, two of the survivors of the hero ship, who arrived here yesterday to remain with friends in Saint John and Rothesay prior to returning overseas.

When the above picture was previously published in the Telegraph-Journal, on Nov.14, only partial identification was available and for the benefit of those who are treasuring the picture, it is being re-published with complete identification, as follows:

Back row - left to right - Gunner E.R. Stannard, Lieut. Richard Shackleton, Surgeon-Lieut. H.St.J. Hiley, Paymaster Lieut. A.W. Stott, Lieut. Hugh Williamson (chief radio officer), Lieut. A.H.W. Bartle, Lieut. Norman E. Wood, Lieut. Walter Hill, Lieut.-Commdr. George L. Roe, Lieut. H.G.B. Moss, Paymaster Lieut. J.G. Sargeant.

Middle row - left to right - Paymaster Commdr. E.W. White, Lieut. Commdr. K.M. Morrison, Commdr. J.A.P. Blackburn, D.S.C., Capt. E.S. Fogarty Fegen , V.C., Engineer Commdr. J.H.G. Chappell, Lieut. Commdr. A.W. Driscoll.

Front row - left to right - Wireless Operator Donald Curry, Midshn. Owens, Midshn. Ronald A.G. Butler, Midshn. C.C.T. Latch, Midshn. W.B. Thistleton.

Other senior officers of the vessel, including Surgeon Lieut. Commdr. T.G. Evans , Lieut. Dudlet J.H. Bigg, and Sub-Lt. Guy Byam-Corstiaens are not shown in the picture.

Surgeon-Lieutenant Hiley was relieved by Surgeon-Lieutenant-Commander Evans, who rejoined the ship shortly before she sailed, in her last convoy. He had been a patient in hospital in an East Coast Canadian port for a few weeks.

Telegraph-Journal, November 1940