Beaverford LaunchThe armed freighter Beaverford, originally a Canadian Pacific Railways cargo ship, and the full complement of Captain Hugh Pettigrew and crew took up the struggle and held the German battleship for a further five hours but at 10:45 sank with all hands. The Role of the CPR Ships in World War II further covers the story of the Beaverford and her sister ships. Again, this site is worth a visit as it is done with a personal touch by the daughter of a Merchant Sailor who served on a CPR ship both before and during hostilities.

Excerpt from Fighting Ships Of World War 2
by J.N. Westwood, Follett Publishing Company.

Capt. Sven Olander (left) and First Officer, StureholmOnly sixty-five men were picked up by the Swedish freighter Stureholm under the command of Capt. Sven Olander. But the sacrifice (see Casualty List) had not been in vain, for the Admiral Scheer only succeeded in destroying five of the freighters in the short time before nightfall.

Stureholm 1919

Jervis Bay survivors aboard the Stureholm Jervis Bay survivors aboard the Stureholm

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