HMS Jervis Bay in Convoy HX72 - Click to EnlargeAn actual photo of the Jervis Bay somewhere in the North Atlantic during escort duty with Convoy HX72 .

If you click on the picture to enlarge, you will see the faint shape of another convoy vessel just to the right of the Jervis Bay.

Peter Tingey - Click to Enlarge The accompanying story of the photo itself is a compelling one! It dates from September 1940 (sometime just before the 21st) and was taken from the steamer S.S. Canonesa by Peter Tingey, an apprentice on the ship. The Canonesa was torpedoed and sunk on the evening of September 21st, the day after the Jervis Bay left the convoy for other duties.

All crew members of the Canonesa got away in lifeboats except 4th Engineer Tom Purnell, whose grandson Tom has published an excellent historical Website with a personal touch on Canonesa, Convoy HX72 & U-100.

Tom, who lives in Derby England, received the photo from Peter Tingey who now resides in Australia. Upon encountering this Website, Tom gratiously forwarded a copy of the photo to this site in Canada. A fascinating example of the communicative power of the Internet!