Presumed Killed

Reid's Continuous Certificate of Discharge ( Page 1 ) ( Page 2 )


Front Row - Left To Right - James Reid, Fred Staples, Arthur Desborough.

Behind James Reid is Charlie Crane.


This photo from the summer of 1940, shows the Jervis Bay maintenance gang, or at least part of it.

Back Row - Unknown; Lang; Unknown- possibly Staples; Unknown;
Middle Row - Unknown; Desborough.
Front Row - Porter; James Reid (Bosun); Unknown- possibly Fitzearl, who left the J.B.; Crane.

Lang, Desborough, Staples, Crane & Porter are all 'Carpenter's mates'. Reid is the Bosun. Not yet established what rank Fitzearl would have been.

One of the unknowns possibly Walter Lockwood Bradley, - Head Carpenter. Other unknowns could be the 'Cooper' - Mardell, or Chief Storekeeper Peskett.