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Lt Cdr Keith Milner Morrison of Harrogate and Dorking was a merchant mariner prior to WW2 with the Orient Line as a First Officer and was quite experienced.

From my late mother's research our family believes he was the last senior officer standing and supervised people getting away and gave his like doing it. Pollock's book alludes to it. My mother brought my brother Tony and myself (Michael) to Australia at the end of the war. She passed away in 1957.

I pursued an Army career in infantry and retired in 1985 as a Lt Col. My brother has been a very successful and dedicated grazier of Goulburn NSW.

Kind regards, Michael Morrison


Family letters from the period gave a sense of the times. Especially haunting is the last letter that LtCdr Morrison wrote to his wife.

Also of reading interest is this article from The Telegraph, October 28, 2005

Harrogate War Memorial Harrogate War Memorial

Harrogate War Memorial