Presumed Killed

139659 Sub Lt. William John Matheson (25) was born in Glasgow, the son of Dugald & Joan Matheson of Balmacara. He was in the Merchant Navy when war broke out and had previously survived the sinking of the liner "Transylvania" when she was torpedoed in August 1940. He joined the crew of the Armed Merchant Cruiser "Jervis Bay" and was in a convoy which was attacked by the German Pocket Battleship the "Admiral Scheer" on 5th November 1940. The Jervis Bay stayed between the convoy and the German battleship to allow the convoy to escape. Outweighed and outgunned the Merchant Cruiser was shelled to pieces. The Captain and 34 Officers and 156 men were killed including Lt Matheson. He is commemorated on the Liverpool Naval Memorial. His name does not appear on any War Memorial in Lochalsh. The Captain of the Jervis Bay was awarded the Victoria Cross.