Presumed Killed


Born in Avenmore , Ontario and raised in Ottawa, David had participated in the Sea Cadets before signing up for the Navy. He had served as the naval sentry on the National War Memorial in Ottawa,Ontario, the Nation's Capital ,on Armistice Day prior to the Second World War.

He followed in the footsteps of his grandfather, Captain Stephenson who served on ships in the 1800's navigating the St. Lawrence Seaway and the Atlantic. His Mother, Rachel Hawn was a Silver Cross Mother three times and placed wreaths at the National Monument on behalf of all mothers who lost their children in war on Armistice/Rememberance Day following the War. Her wreath was stolen on two of the three occasions.

She had been told by survivors that David remained at his gun while the ship sunk and that he continued to fire it as she went down. The telegram informing of his loss at sea to his mother was delivered by a very young Lorne Green who later rose to fame as the star of the television series, Bonanza. He stayed with David's mother until David's older sister arrived to support her.

The photo shown above was taken in Halifax, Nova Scotia and sent as a post card to his mother with the following comment... "Laugh at this it is a good one. Haha"