Presumed Killed

Please find attached photo of Walter Lockwood Bradley who died on the Jervis Bay.

He was born in 1896 and was therefore about 44 years old when he was killed. He left behind a widow and 6 children ( all girls ). Only one of them, Edie Bradley ( my wife's aunt ) remains alive. She does not know very much about her father as she was only 3 when her father died.

He was a carpenter and had served in the Royal Navy in WW1. Edie believes that he was sunk on more than one occasion in the first war, and that his health had been affected by being in the water. He received some kind of pension, possibly after being invalided out. I assume he will have been the ship's carpenter.

He is in his navy uniform in the picture and the cap band says HMS Cumberland. So he was serving in that ship in 1914. It was a cruiser which survived the war, to be scrapped in the twenties.

Her understanding was that he was determined not to go back into the Royal Navy, but went back as a merchant seaman instead. She also knows that he had refused postings to two earlier vessels prior to being sent to the Jervis Bay. She believes that he was compelled to go back to sea because, if he didn't go, his pension would be stopped, and also he had been threatened with gaol if he did not go.

I would infer that he must have been placed in some kind of Navy Reserve and that, in the event of hostilities, he would not have a choice but to serve.

Regards, Ray Berry