Presumed Killed

Born in West Ham, East London in 1902, son of William and Elizabeth Mary Barry. Shown with wife Beatrice Anne Barry.


As related by Great Niece Helen O'Dowd. ...

"Aunty Beat (Beatrice Anne Barry) and Will moved to Canterbury and in the time they lived there Aunty Beat had two flats, one of which was in or around St Stephen’s Road. Whilst there Aunty Beat worked as a Rep for the Heinz company, travelling all over Kent (without a car) trying to sell Heinz products. They had a white cat called “Moggie-Moo”!

Also living in Canterbury at the time was my mother’s grandparents (Aunty Beat’s parents and Will’s in-laws) who ran a pub called the Two Brewers on Stour Street. My mother seems to remember on her visits there that there was a fire station either next door or very close by. Aunty Beat’s parents were Annie and John (called Jack) Rumph. Obviously therefore Aunty Beat’s maiden name was Rumph (or sometimes known as Rump). My mother feels that Will and Aunty Beat moved down to Canterbury to be near Annie and Jack.

Will and Aunty Beat were married in Bromley, Kent which is where the majority of our branch of the Rumphs are from. Prior to moving to Canterbury Annie and Jack had a pub called the Bird In Hand in Gravel Road, Bromley and after Canterbury Annie and Jack moved to Charmouth, Dorset where they also had a public house.

Aunty Beat worked for most of her life, for a spell in London where she worked for the advertising agents responsible for the “Bisto Kids” and then as a bookkeeper for a department store in Bromley. She was a very clever lady (interested in history, very well read and good with crosswords) with a rather wacky sense of humour – for example instead of using the expression “white as a ghost” she would say “white as a goat” – she new she was wrong, she just did it for effect. Many years after the death of Will, Aunty Beat helped my parents run a pub in Chislehurst, Kent called the Imperial Arms."