Killed In Action

Harry Alldridge HMS Mantis
PO Harry Alldridge wearing the sleeve insignia of a 'Range-taker - 2nd Class' Aboard HMS Mantis, a Royal Navy gunboat, which was scrapped in 1940. HMS Mantis operated on the Yangtse River in China.
1931 1933
HMS York in Cornerbrook, NFLD 1937
HMS York in Cornerbrook, NFLD 1937

Harry Alldridge was the son of Charles James Alldridge (born Maidstone in 1870) & Georgina Alice Alldridge (nee Anderson - born Poplar in 1876). The parents had married in Poplar in 1895. Charles died in Thurrock in 1959 (aged 89 years). Georgina died in Medway in 1908 (aged only 32 years, the same year as Harry was born.) - perhaps she died in child-birth?

Charles & Georgina Alldridge had the following children:

Charles John Alldridge - born Medway in 1898.
William Henry Alldridge - born Medway in 1899.
Rhoda Alldridge - born Medway in 1905. Rhoda Alldridge married Reginald H. Salmon (born West Ham in 1903) in West Ham in 1923.
Harry Alldridge - born Medway in 1908.

Harry was a Petty Officer in the Royal Navy, and he died aged 32 years of age). His RN number was C/JX 133016. Harry Alldridge had a wife called Ruth Margaret Alldridge (nee Quilter - born West Ham in 1909), and they lived in Gillingham, Kent. They married in West Ham in 1934.We have no record of children.

We believe that Ruth Alldridge (after Harry Alldridge was killed) went on to marry a Metropolitan policeman. Though, this could be wrong, or they only lived together, as we think Ruth M. Alldridge died in Chatham in 1962.

Harry Alldridge's older brother William Henry Alldridge married Edith M. Sumption (though on some certificates she is named 'Ethel' rather than 'Edith') in West Ham in 1924. We think that 'Ethel' was her correct Christian name. They had a son called Edward W.C. Alldridge (born Lewisham in late 1924), who in turn married Betty D. Fullager in Bromley in 1948.

After Bromley they lived for over 50 years in Crawley, West Sussex before recently moving to Horsham. They had Brian born July 4th 1958 & Janet born October 17th 1960. Brian married Brenda in 1980 (nee Dooley) born July 4th 1957 & has a son Wayne born Dec 3rd 1982. Janet married Mark Cullen & have Charlotte July 26th 1985 & Harriet July 8th 1987 .

Edward W.C. Alldridge had a brother (John R. Alldridge - born Woolwich in 1930.) Edward & Betty had a son themselves called John D. Alldridge (born Bromley in 1951).